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My last day in Bangkok before flying back to Manila

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large_1840343_14270694247053.jpgHoly Redeemer Church, 124/19 ??? ??????? 5 ???????? Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, ThailandAfter the dizzying madness of the switching of hotels, I finally settled in and had a good night's sleep. In the morning I had arranged to meet with Brian after I go to Catholic mass at the Holy Redeemer Church near Lumphini. Seeing that there were no convenient means of transport going to the church (aside from tuktuk or taxi which I don't like), I decided to walk. Google Maps said that the distance between the hotel and church is 1.7 km and it would take about a 22 minute walk - so I decided to walk...in the hot and humid Bangkok morning! Anyway, it wasn't as difficult and the sun wasn't at its highest point yet, so I could take the shade under the shadow of the buildings.

I arrived early for the 11AM mass as churgoers from the 945AM mass were leaving.large_1840343_14270694105111.jpgwith Brian (besandri) after mass endedI noticed that most of them had black ashes on their foreheads, as earlier in the week was Ash Wednesday, which symbolizes the start of the Lenten season for Christians. Hmmm...probably I could get my forehead stamped with ashes as well (it's a Catholic rite but I won't explain anymore beyond what the priest would say - "that we are dust and to dust we shall return").

The church was unique in the sense that the architecture was distinctly Thai, if not for the small cross at the top of what should be the steeple. Inside it was very airy and the altar had a huge gold painted statue of Jesus Christ (in His Redeemer pose). As the mass was in English, many nationalities were present, including a big Filipino expat community. I find going to masses for the first time in a "new" church very interesting, as I get to compare the nuances of the rites and styles of the local church community.large_1840343_14270699147782.jpgfood court, 5th floor, MBK Centre

When mass was finished, Brian was waiting for me outside the building and we had time for a couple of selfies before we decided to take the long walk to MBK Centre via Lumphini Park (a good 30 minutes in the sweltering Bangkok heat). At least I could keep up with Brian's walking, and it wasn't that difficult save for the exhaustion caused by the heat and perspiration.

We had lunch at the food court on the 5th floor of MBK, the food court moved since the last time I was there (it used to be on the 6th floor). They have a novel cashless ordering system where you get a magnetic card at the entrance (which is preloaded with 1000 baht value), after which you give the card to the food stall for swiping and the purchases will accummulate until you check out and pay for it at the cashier.large_1840343_14270699247833.jpg More hygienic, as the food stall personnel don't have to handle dirty money.

After lunch we went to my favorite store for Thai delicacies, Champ Maboonkrong on the 4th (there used to be a bigger stall on the 6th but we couldn't find it), and I order probably 10 kg of mostly tamarind candy (of which most went to Reggie), as well as other snack items like nuts, dried fish, spicy squid flakes, and so on.

As soon as I had my heavy box prepared, Brian and I picked up my luggage at Park Hotel and Brian accompanied me to Phaya Thai station before heading back to his hotel as he had transferred the day prior. Thanks Brian for accompanying not only me but our other TravBuddy friends when we were headed to Hualamphong Station the week earlier prior to the Laos trip!


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Sending Reggie off and late lunch with Sirin and dinner with

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Reggie's flight back to Manila at 940AM

We left Muangphol as soon as the BTS and Airport Link were operational

still had problems with the SIM card

Bad issues with hotels - rude front desk people and overbooking

A relief - lunch with my dear friend Sirin

Visiting Rosita at her hostel

Massage at place recommended by Rosita

Dinner with Rosita at Ban Chiang Restaurant

More hotel woes - and I'm not the only one

Finally got checked into the third hotel at 1AM Sunday


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Thailand and Laos February 2015 - Luang Prabang Photos

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Thailand and Laos February 2015 - Bangkok Photos

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A crazy day from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang

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Booked 830AM mini van

Dinner at nearby place to make sure we get good seats

Met Monica and Cameron

Van went around town to pick up passengers

Met Barbara and more people from France

long wait and many stops - Lao don't seem to have urgency when it comes to time

arrived at south bus terminal almost 2PM. Our luggage was missing from mini-van. Driver had transferred these to another minivan without our permission. Said we should wait only 15 minutes, took more than 45

While this was happening, our reservation at Apple Guesthouse was considered a no show and the room was sold to a walk-in customer less than 5 minutes before we arrived

Called booking.com on Skype to resolve the issue. Wasted almost an hour trying to get another hotel. Finally, they gave us another hotel to book. Apple Guesthouse owner said the hotel was just along the road, less than 5 minutes walk

Turns out Luang Prabang Boutique Hotel was almost a kilometer away, took another 30 minutes to walk there

Finally able to check in

Rented bikes to go around city

Night market sets up early

Dinner by the side of Nam Khan River

Returned past 11PM only to find out night market was closed (they are open until 10PM only)


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